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Adding Online Meeting Info

With recent ‘shelter at home’ orders, many A.A. meetings have resorted to finding alternate meeting places online. As of version 3.3.2, Meeting Guide now supports displaying links to these types of meetings.

Please note: Meeting Guide is still fundamentally a geographically-based app, so online meetings must be associated with valid street addresses in order to appear. If these meetings are suspended, please mark them with the new Temporary Closure tag. This will cross out the address and hide the directions button.

Example of how conference url and conference phone field will display

WordPress 12 Step Meeting List Plugin

Sites that use the 12 Step Meeting List plugin will, as of the most recent version, have new Conference URL and Conference Phone fields available. Information added to these fields now syncs with the Meeting Guide app.

Custom Databases

Sites that use a custom database may add new conference_url and conference_phone keys to their JSON feed. Please see the Meeting Guide JSON spec for more information and examples.

For security reasons, conference URLs are validated and must be one of the following providers: BlueJeans, Free Conference, FreeConferenceCall, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, Zoho, and Zoom. Please let us know if another provider should be included.

What Phone Number Format Is Best?

We recommend using +,# characters in your phone numbers to enable a one-tap experience for your users. For Zoom meetings, please include the password.

For example, let’s say a Zoom meeting dial-in phone number is (212) 555-1212, the meeting ID is 123456789, and the password is 444444. Our experience suggests that the ideal format is


Adding the country code at the beginning (+1 for the US and Canada) is helpful for any international callers. The comma creates a pause for the phone dialer.

Other services, such as WebEx, may be simpler and not require as many numbers to be entered.


Some trial and error may be necessary to achieve the right experience for your users.

Some sites may be tempted to put the meeting ID and/or password in the meeting notes field, but experience indicates that this can be a frustrating experience for some users.