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On November 2, 2018, Greg T., general manager of the General Service Office, sent the following letter to all Area chairs, registrars, Intergroup/Central Office managers, and Conference members:

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to announce that Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., has recently licensed the “Meeting Guide” technology. The Meeting Guide app was launched in November 2015. The app provides a platform for local A.A. entities (areas, intergroup/central offices, districts, etc.) to post their local A.A. meetings, and currently provides information to more than 100,000 users reflecting some 86,000 meetings. Since the meeting information is all made available through the app’s mobile-friendly interface, those looking for a meeting have a simple, one-stop place to look.

The collated meeting information will be available in the future through G.S.O.’s website,, and will be a component of the proposed A.A.W.S. app. The intent of incorporating the Meeting Guide component is to make it easier for members to find A.A. meetings.

A.A. intergroup/central offices, districts and areas that provide online meeting lists are invited to have their meetings displayed through the Meeting Guide. If you are already synchronizing your meetings through the Meeting Guide app there is no additional action necessary. When the new website launches at some point in 2019, your information will be seamlessly included.

Please note the meeting information database will operate completely independently from the Fellowship New Vision (FNV) database that is currently supported by the General Service Office. The Meeting Guide is a separate tool that offers districts, areas or intergroup/central offices full control of their local meeting information and collects it in one place for all to find. Users of this new portal will be linked to the service entity providing the information. Participation is, of course, voluntary, but the more connected the service is to the Fellowship as a whole, the more powerful a tool it will become.

The current listing of A.A. entities in “A.A. Near You” on will not be impacted. Those looking to contact A.A. in their community will still have access to the information that is currently available on the site.

We have developed instructions about how to connect with this new resource at If you have any questions about this initiative or how to synchronize your meetings to this database, dedicated support is in place.

We welcome your suggestions.

This website exists to help trusted servants get connected to this resource should they wish.

We recommend starting by reading the articles under “Start Here” (above and to the right on desktop, below on mobile), and then, if you’re interested in getting started, please contact us.