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Minimum Requirements

Participation in the meeting finder is open to all general service areas, districts, Intergroup/ Central Offices, and international General Service Offices listed on “A.A. Near You.”

However, because of the technical requirements related to gathering data from a large number of sources, we require that participants:

  • Have their own independent website;
  • List their meetings on the website in a database;
  • Make the data available in JSON format.

Having your own website

Nearly all entities listed in “A.A. Near You” currently have their own websites and clearly identify where the information is from. A.A.W.S. will not generate the listings but will only format and share the information from participating entities.

Listing meetings in a database

To facilitate the process, all A.A. entities must list their meetings in a database, not in a plain HTML page or a PDF.

One easy option is to use WordPress and the 12 Step Meeting List plug in that was built for such a purpose. However, any database should work, so long as address, meeting type, day and time are isolated in separate fields.

Making data available in JSON format

Once the data is in a database, exporting it in JSON is relatively simple (see JSON Feeds article in the “Helpful Articles” section to the right of this page). We have a specific format that feeds need to be in and you can find sample scripts if you want to write your own, or we would be happy to write one for you.

Please send us a copy of your database in .sql format (only the meeting-related tables are necessary). Let us know if you need help with this step.

Once the JSON feed is set up, no further action is necessary. As you make changes on your website they will automatically sync to our app and website.