Connecting to Meeting Guide A support website for trusted servants

Minimum Requirements

Meeting Guide participation is open to all general service areas, districts, Intergroup Central Offices, and international General Service Offices listed on’s “A.A. Near You” section.

Because of the technical requirements related to gathering data from a large number of sources, we require that participants:

  • Have their own independent website
  • List their meetings on their website in a database
  • Allow us to access the data that powers the live meeting list (not a copy)

Some things that won’t work:

  • Emailing us files
  • Featuring a meeting finder on a hidden page
  • Setting up a secondary website just to get connected
  • Using a manual process that requires a person to export data

These rules ensure the meeting data will remain current at scale even as trusted servants rotate through their positions.

As of June 2019, there are four techniques that have been used to connect to the app.

12 Step Meeting List

The easiest and most popular option is to use WordPress and the free 12 Step Meeting List plug in. There are several benefits to this approach: it is searchable, users can view the listings on a map, and it handles the JSON step automatically.

Google Sheet

Using a Google Sheet is another option. Here is a template that can be used. This must actually be your website’s meeting finder. It should be embedded on the meetings page, or, if you are using Wix, you can create a table and set its data source to be the Google Sheet. This option also handles the JSON step for you.

Wix Data Collections

Wix has a data collections feature that has been used to provide meeting info to Meeting Guide. This has only successfully been done once as of this writing and requires some technical knowledge to implement. This route requires a valid JSON feed.

Custom Website Database

Finally, you’re welcome to create your own database. Many sites are using custom PHP / MySQL meeting finders, but any technology stack should be fine, so long as you provide a valid JSON feed.