Connecting to Meeting Guide A support website for trusted servants

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do we embed the Google Sheet template onto our meeting page?

For information on how to embed your Google Sheet, please refer to the Embed Files section of Google’s Doc Editors forum. As a reminder, please remember to set your Google Sheet to ‘Public’ to connect to the app. To validate your sheet, please test it in our database validator.

Q2. After sending a request to connect, how long does it take before our meetings appear in the app?

Please allow up to 24 – 48 hours for our team to connect you to the app.

Q3. I am having a few issues with my site. Are there additional resources for non-tech savvy web servants?

Of course! Please visit the TIAA Forum at to request help from local A.A.s in the technology community.

Q4. We are connected, why aren’t all our meetings showing up in the app?

There are a few reasons why meetings do not populate in the app.

  1. Incomplete addresses via Google Maps
  2. Incorrect location name or address
  3. Incorrect postal codes
  4. Database formatting

For further information, please contact

Q5. Is there support for the WordPress plugin?

Yes. For assistance please visit the plugin support wiki here

Q6. How often does the app update?

The app updates every 12 hours (twice per day). What that means is, the app goes through a daily cycle two times per day. During that cycle, if any updates on your site are made to meetings (i.e. group names or meeting notes) then the app will update with the new information.