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Duplicate Listings?

It’s common for A.A. websites to have overlapping service areas. That is ok, Meeting Guide has a system for filtering out duplicates.

When a website joins the app, the addresses of its meetings are all geocoded (run through Google) and then registered to that organization. When another organization joins, any meetings they have at previously-registered locations are skipped.

When we receive a complaint about a specific issue with the meeting data, we are able to adjust which organization provides the listing.

Why Geocode?

We geocode meetings for two reasons: a) to get a standardized version of the address, so we know that “123 Main Street” and “123 main” represent the same address, and b) to determine the latitude and longitude of each address.

What if Our Area is Covered Already?

We want to include as many organizations as want to participate. Often we find that smaller organizations have better listings than larger ones. If your area is already covered, but it’s not too difficult to add your meetings, we recommend adding them. We will be pleased to flip the registrations for your addresses.

Is It Possible to Provide Listings to My Area Website?

If the area is using 12 Step Meeting List then yes. They can import your meetings directly from your site. Area 46 is currently doing this; they have added Albuquerque and Santa Fe intergroups as “data sources” that provide part of the data for their area-wide meeting finder. Several other areas are discussing this as well.