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Intro to WordPress

While there is no requirement to use any particular service to sync your meetings, some websites will choose to switch to WordPress to take advantage of the free 12 Step Meeting List WordPress plugin. WordPress can be unfamiliar, especially to those accustomed to a computer-based system like Dreamweaver or FrontPage. This video will walk you […]

JSON Feeds

Sites that use their own custom database only need to create a JSON feed to make their data accessible. We are pleased to help with this, just send us a copy of your data and we’ll get to work. (We only need to see your meeting-related tables.) If you’re using MySQL, then .sql format is […]

Software Platforms

The only software requirement to participate in this project is the presence of a database. Most software platforms (or no platform) should work; it will just require different levels of effort. WordPress This is the easiest option, because of the free 12 Step Meeting List plugin that handles the JSON feed automatically, and provides other […]

Web Hosting

There are no requirements about what type of hosting your website should use. If your website is on the internet that’s the only requirement. However, because this is a topic we are often asked about, we can share the following experience. Recommendations for Smaller Sites If your site lists fewer than 300 meetings, economy shared […]